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Over 20 Years of
Litigation Experience


My clients will always recieve my personal attention and the highest quality legal representation. We work tirelessly to help our clients seek justice, and we get results.  

Attorney Bio


Octavio Salinas II brings forth an extensive legal and business background. He has handled hundreds of criminal and civil cases throughout Texas and the United States, settled multi-million dollar personal injury claims, and argued before the state and federal court of appeals. Read More   

Encinal Mayor Found Innocent in Jury Trial

"We followed the law," Roy Salinas said. "We did what we were supposed to do. The jury saw that. My attorney was phenomenal. He buried (the opposition) in a mountain of truth... Read More


South Acquitted, Austin Officials Request Detention

James Franklin South's defense attorney Octavio Salinas vigorously underscored inconsistencies in state witnesses testimony and convinced the jury of South's innocence. In closing, Salinas asked the jury to "stop this injustice and find my client not guilty." Which they did... Read More

Octavio Salinas
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