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Encinal Mayor Found Innocent in Jury Trial

"We followed the law," Roy Salinas said. "We did what we were supposed to do. The jury saw that. My attorney was phenomenal. He buried (the opposition) in a mountain of truth... Read More



South Acquitted, Austin Officials Request Detention

James Franklin South's defense attorney Octavio Salinas vigorously underscored inconsistencies in state witnesses testimony and convinced the jury of South's innocence. In closing, Salinas asked the jury to "stop this injustice and find my client not guilty." Which they did... Read More




Dovalina Gets 3 Years, Underworld Dirty Dealings Led to Ex-Chief’s Downfall

​Former Laredo Police Chief Agustin Dovalina wasconvicted of one federal charge of conspiracy to commit extortion. Octavio Salinas, Dovalina’s attorney, said “I respect the judge’s decision." “It could have been less, but it could have been worse. As far as the chief, I would just hope that his 30 years of service for the Laredo Police Department be remembered more than this one mistake... Read More 

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Times Prevails In Hearing Against Media Restrictions

Octavio Salinas, attorney for Univision and KLDO-TV, also appeared to object to the defendant's motion. "The trial is a public event and anything that transpires in the courtroom is public property," Salinas told the court... Read More

Felony of Leal Reduced by DA

A felony charge against a Laredo cop accused of assaulting a fellow officer has been reduced to a misdemeanor charge, attorneys said Wednesday. "My client is just happy to put it behind him, and hes just looking forward to going back on the force," said Leals attorney, Octavio Salinas II..Read More

Doctors, Hospital in Lawsuit

Three Laredo physicians and a local hospital have been named in a wrongful death lawsuit filed at the 49th District Court. "Bottom line is that the child was poisoned and all the defendants failed to do their duty. But for them not doing their duty, this child would still be alive," Salinas alleged... Read More

Parents File Lawsuit Against Pharmacy for Son's Death

An 8-year-old Laredo boy died after a pharmacy gave him a drug for heroin addicts instead of one for hyperactive children, a lawsuit filed by the boy's parents alleges. "The parents want the community to know so that this won't ever happen again to anybody," said Octavio Salinas, who represents the boy's family... Read More

Jury Finds Officer Not Guilty

It took a six-member jury less than two hours to find a suspended Laredo Police officer charged with assault not guilty. After hearing the verdict Wednesday afternoon, Hinojosa thanked God and her attorney, Octavio Salinas II. Salinas added, "I'm glad the jury system is there to stop the government from railroading people. I think we had an excellent jury who clearly saw the lack of evidence presented in trial... Read More

Villafranca Gets 5 Years, Former Webb County Prosecutor Ordered to Pay $10,000 Fine

In January, Villafranca was convicted of conspiring with former State District Judge Ruben Garcia to fix criminal cases. Jurors threw out three other counts alleging specific acts of bribery. "They did not find him guilty of taking a penny," defense attorney Octavio Salinas told the judge... Read More

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